Bathroom Remodeling Camarillo, CA

- Is your master bath a source of frustration rather than a rejuvenating retreat?
- Are you tired of a cramped or outdated powder room that's an embarrassment rather than a showplace?
- Do your secondary baths lack style or simply not function as well as they should?
- Are you concerned that an outdated design will limit your ability to use the space in the future?
- Is your bathroom tired looking and in need of an overhaul?
- Our bathroom remodel or renovation is just the thing to cure that tired look and all at an affordable price!.

At Camarillo Bathroom Contractors, we understand that bathroom renovations are one of the areas that offer the largest return on your investment, both in financial terms as well as in the overall functionality of your home.We will work with you to determine exactly what needs to be done, whether it's a relatively simple update of fixtures and finishes or a project that requires us to "borrow" space from an adjacent closet or bedroom, reconfigure the placement of an existing tub and shower, redesign a cabinet layout or rethink the entire room. Let us help you discover the possibilities to transform your bland bathroom into a grand space.

Environmentally Friendly Bathrooms

An environmentally friendly or “green” approach is also becoming more popular as people look for renewable materials, water conservation and energy renewal techniques in their home. If you are interested in creating an environmentally friendly bathroom then speak to us about how you can implement these plans into your home.

If you are looking at remodeling or renovating your bathroom then you may wish to consider what is popular at the moment. For bathrooms you are also looking at more space and light, wet rooms, and either wide and shallow or deep and round basins. Tiling is also becoming more varied and different tiles of different sizes can be layered to create interesting effects in your Camarillo kitchens and bathrooms. The environmentally friendly approach is also becoming increasingly important to many home owners and you should speak to Camarillo Contractor about your options in this area.

The bathroom remodel includes the following items:

- Remove all old materials from bathroom as well as removed from job site
- Supply and install new tub
- Supply and install new toilet
- Supply and install new drain and pop up stopper
- Supply and install new pressure balance shower faucet
- Supply and install new shower head and diverter spout
- Supply and install new Denshield board in shower area Supply and install new tile to ceiling in tub area
- Supply and install one corner caddy and soap dish Supply and install new plywood subfloor
- Supply and install new porcelain tile floor
- Supply and install new vanity

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We are more than pleased with the work that you have done for the past 2 days on putting in our new awning windows. It gives our small apartment a classy, updated look... our neighbors are taking notice of the new change...they like it!! Would once again like to thank them for their hard work & diligence in getting our windows done. Your Contractor went out of his way to do a good job & not just a rushed job. Thanks Guys!!

- Carlos V.

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